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MMR-Micro Make-up Remover:


The initial approach for the MMR will be exactly that of the MagicSpell Brush: NuWay will be at full retail to set a platform that all sellers or buyers can refer to for consumer price and product information; to be done in parallel with the Professional Beauty Distributor and Salon solicitations.  


The initial market maker has now been diluted with product complaints, as have may of the new products that have rushed to create a product to compete with them. These are ALL products made in China out of what is essentially the material used to make bathrobes.  They work, but the MMR works better.  MUCH BETTER!  Micro Make-up Remover--There IS a Material Difference™!


The approach for the MMR was to focus on an improved solution based on a unique material invented for the purpose of what these products are intended to do: Remove make-up using just the material cloth and plain water. The existing products from China DO NOT COMPETE WITH THE MMR in softness of touch to the face, effectiveness in removing make-up without stressing or pulling the skin, and in ultimate cleaning and maintenance of the product after use.  MATERIAL DENSITY/WEIGHT AND MANUFACTURING PROCESS ARE THE REASON FOR THIS DIFFERENCE.


The microfiber material invented for the production of the Micro Make-up Remover is too advanced in its manufacturing complexity to be produced in China. Because of the old technology looms used there in material fabrication, at this point, ALL COMPETING MATERIAL MAKE-UP REMOVING SOLUTIONS ARE ONE-SIDED.  THEY OFFER MAKE-UP REMOVAL USE FOR ONE SIDE OF THE CLOTH AND THEN REFER TO THE OTHER SIDE AS AN "EXFOLIATOR SIDE", BECAUSE MOST ARE SO ROUGH THEY CAN CUT YOUR FACE IF NOT USING WITH CARE.


The MMR is Double-Sided and easily removes make-up any way you use it. None of the other competing products qualify that they use well known and giant corporate production partners are essential in our manufacturing process of the MMR.  It's success goes beyond material production and encompasses production processes that render the MMR Anti-Microbial, so that it doesn't mildew (no other competing product does this), and utilizes augmented absorptive and wicking characteristics for holding the moisture that allows for easy make-up removal (without drips), easy cleaning, and then super-fast drying of the cloth when finished.


Retail selling range $19.99 and up