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NuWay's MMR Make-up Remover(www.micromake-upremover.com)
is created from an exclusive fabric expressly developed for the purpose of make-up removal.

NuWay's MMR is the New Way to Clean™! NuWay's Make-up Removal Micro

Material is the only fabric make-up removing solution that uses a material exclusively made for that purpose.

MMR--There IS a Material Difference™!




The difference is demonstrable in our exclusive new double-sided MMR and our
Make-up Removal Micro Material made only in Taiwan.


Millions of women wear make-up everyday.
Are you tired of removing it the old-fashioned way?

Stop using irritating chemicals, creams, and oils; or wasteful disposables!
Introducing the revolutionary new MMR - Micro Make-up Remover™
made from " NuWay Makeup-Removal Micro Material™ " 


MMR uses the first material invented for the express purpose of make-up removal!
Our exclusive new feather soft, double-sided MMR--There is a Material Difference™!

No exfoliator side! Both sides are for Make-up Removal.

MMR uses 3M technologies and industry leading DAIWA antimicrobial technologies for bacteria, mold and mildew protection."

MMR removes foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow, and even water-proof
mascara--using just water!


 Do you know how to clean your expensive make-up brushes?
Just a few strokes on your MMR and they're ready to go!

And the Micro Make-up Remover™ can be machine washed and
used over and over!

You'll never spend money to buy make-up removing products again!
Thousands of people have discovered this New Way To Clean™


Be ECO friendly and Save money !

Micro Make-up Remover™